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HaUnt Your House 2022

Do you have a family of skeletons in your garage or a fright of ghosts lurking in your attic?  It’s time to dust off the witches, headstones and grim reapers that haunt the dark corners of your house all year and show-off your creative, competitive skills in the AddamsFest Haunt Your House contest! 


This contest demands you summon all of your funny and spooky, artsy and kooky imaginative spirits to haunt your house and compete for prizes. Let the haunting begin!

Sponsored by:

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How it Works
  • The contest is open to all Westfield residents, but entries are limited. Participants must register using the form below.

  • Judging will be based on decorations viewed from the street. It will not include anything at the back of property.

  • Contestants’ addresses will be displayed on a map on to make it easy for fellow residents to tour the homes and log their votes online.

  • First, second, and third place winners will be determined by the highest number of votes in the online voting booth.

    • 1st place: $200 Farmhouse Gift Card 

    • 2nd place: $100 The Life by Alli & Paige Gift Card 

    • 3rd place:  $50 The Gallery on Elm Gift Card

Important Dates


Registration for Haunt Your House is now closed! Community voting begins on October 9!

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