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About AddamsFest

The town-wide celebration of Westfield's own Charles Addams returns this October! 

Born in 1912 and raised in Westfield, Charles Addams was one of the country’s premier cartoonists, with his work prominently featured in The New Yorker. His most successful creation, The Addams Family, was inspired by his hometown surroundings. The characters that began as illustrations grew into a television series, a live action movie franchise, a Broadway musical, and a 2019 animated film with a 2021 sequel. In October 2020, he was posthumously inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. What better place to honor Addams’ talent and creativity than the town where he grew up?


After the success of its first five years, AddamsFest returns this year to celebrate this prolific talent and the hometown that inspired those altogether ooky characters.


Westfield will be transformed to all things Charles Addams with family themed events, movie screenings, exhibits and much more.  With something for everyone, AddamsFest promises to be a whimsy-filled festival honoring the man, his legacy and the town where it all started.


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