Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pre-screening does Kiddies Cloud do?

The safety of your children is Kiddies Cloud's first priority. We ensure this by having all of our child care providers undergo our inflexible screening process. This process includes in-depth in-person interviews, reference checks, nationwide background checks, criminal, sex offender, fugitive and terrorist database checks, county level felony and misdemeanor checks, DMV record's check, ensuring their vehicle is updated and well-maintained, valid auto insurance, on-site drug testing, and CPR and First Aid Certification check.

Can I meet my sitter beforehand?

Yes, meet and greets are totally optional. If a sitter is new to your family, we recommend setting up a meeting on an earlier date to meet, hang out and ask any extra questions you may have. If this is not possible, we suggest booking 30 minutes early; This will allow time to engage with your sitter and children, and fill her in on any last minute details. Keep in mind that our rigorous screening process is meant to ease any stress of having a new sitter in your home with your children. We've made sure you only hire the best child-care providers in town so you don't have to!

Are Kiddies Cloud's sitters CPR Certified?

Yes. All of our sitters are required to be CPR certified upon hiring so that in the event of an emergency, she is equipped to act accordingly.

Can I have the same sitter each time?

Absolutely! We love building strong work relationships here at Kiddies Cloud. Depending the schedule of the sitter, we strive to match you with your preferred sitters each time!

Can I book a Kiddies Cloud sitter outside of Kiddies Cloud?

Bookings must be made exclusively through Kiddies Cloud. Kiddies Cloud sitters are under strict contract to not work for any client or third party outside of Kiddies Cloud. No exceptions.

How do I pay my sitter?

You will receive an invoice at the end of your booking directly to your email. That invoive will include the total amount due, including your sitter's pay for the day. All payments are done electronically using either your debit or credit card. You will simply be charged for the total number of hours your sitter assisted you for x your hourly rate (depending on the # of children you have). That is all. No extra hidden fees, no placement or referral fees. Kiddies Cloud takes care of your sitter's pay at the end of each booking.

Can I get updates on my kid(s) while I'm gone?

Yes you may! We encourage you to communicate with your sitter while you are away so that you feel the most comfortable. All Kiddies Cloud sitter's have great communication skills and are instructed to update the parent(s) every few hours unless otherwise specified from the parent(s).

What if I don't like my sitter? What if my children don't?

Kiddies Cloud wants you to have the best possible experience. If for some reason your sitter is not a match with your family, we will find a replacement sitter immediately. Just let us know and we're happy to take care of that!

What are the babysitting hourly rates?

Kiddies Cloud's babysitting referral service only consists of paying flat hourly rates depending on the number of children that need babysitting. Hourly rates are the following: Hourly Rates: (Monday-Sunday) $15 per hour for 1 child $20 per hour for up to 2 children $25 per hour for 3 or 4 children Contact us for hourly rates for bookings for 5 children or more Other Charges: ​​ $2 per hour will be added to all holiday bookings. This includes New Year's Eve, New Years Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. No referral or placement fees. Electronic invoicing for convinience.

How are Kiddies Cloud rates determined?

Here at Kiddies Cloud we take pride in the background work we do on each of our child-care providers. Our recruitment process is like no other, since we focus on background investigation, validating credentials and providing on-going training and support. Kiddies Cloud is an exclusive network that only recruits providers who show their skills and full commitment through consistent professionalism, cooperation, and reliability. Our hourly rates are composed of these factors and allows us to treat and compensate our sitters as the professionals that they are.

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