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This year AddamsFest goes Wild!

As part of the Wild exhibit to take place at The Gallery on Elm Street, we are seeking artists to paint fiberglass animal sculptures -- much like the concept of the Cow Parade in NYC or Art Takes Flight butterfly exhibit in Westfield.


The theme of the art work can be in the style of Charles Addams, Edward Gorey, Gothic, macabre, Halloween, etc... you AddamsFesters get the idea!


To Submit Your Artwork for Consideration:
  1. View PDF attachment with the seven different animal sculptures. 

  2. Design up to three different animals of your choice from the attachment.

  3. Upload your design(s) for your top one to three choices, noting your order of preference. 

  4. Designs are due by August 25. 


All submissions will be reviewed by the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation and the Westfield Public Arts Commission by August 28, and selected artists will be notified by August 29. 


DATES & Deadlines
  • There will be two dates to pick up the materials: August 30 and September 6.

  • Completed works are to be returned by September 24.

  • Please do not submit a design if you cannot work with these dates.


A $100 stipend for material will be provided. 

Addams Nevermore.jpg
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