Charles Addams Student Cartoon Contest 

Celebrating Charles Addams’ success as a Westfield High School alumnus, current Westfield middle and high school students created Addamseque cartoons inspired by a variety of themes, including his 1929 WHS Weathervane yearbook entry, which read, “He much amazed us.” And he still does!


Judges include: 

  • Felipe Galindo, New Yorker Cartoonist

  • Linda Davis, Addams biographer and author of Chas Addams: A Cartoonist’s Life

  • Ricardo Roig, Westfield-based artist and muralist 

  • Ron MacCloskey, Charles Addams historian

The top 25 submissions will be displayed in a joint exhibit with original Charles Addams artwork from October 15-23 at The James Ward Mansion, with an opening reception to be held on October 15.

Charles Addams 1929 Westfield Yearbook Entry

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2019 Charles addams Student Cartoon Contest Winners
2019 Charles addams Student Cartoon Contest Top 25 submissions
Andrew Cicala - 1st Place
"Wish I could take a selfie."
Sophia Basaldua - 2nd Place
" more popcorn refills? I just got my bucket during the summer."
Emily O'Connell - 3rd Place
"She's always been such a creative little one."
Sophia Basaldua - Honorable Mention
"This is the last time cousin Itt takes the family selfie."
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Abigail Kahn - WHS
"Well, well, well...look what the cat dragged in..."
Matthew Madrigal - WHS
He made friends in science class
Owen Craig - WHS
Welcome to Star Bats!
Juliana Schuttevaer - WHS
"It is getting very dark out, mister. I'm scared." "How do you think I feel? I am the one who has to walk home alone."
Grace Kilbourn - WHS
"Do Not Stick Fingers in Cage!!"
Sofia Korotka - WHS
Grandmama's Meal
Keri Jean - WHS
Girls Scouts
James Silecchia - WHS
"Guess I'm going to have bad luck now."
Allie DiFalco - WHS
The Movies
Sophia Di Sarno  - Edison
"How has your meal been?" "Absolutely disgusting! We loved it!"
Lauren McDonough - WHS
Family Portrait
Emily O'Connell - WHS
"She's always been such a creative little one."
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2018 Charles addams' Student Cartoon Contest Winners
Emily O’Connell - 1st Place
Untitled by Emily O’Connell

Composition, Period 6, ink pens, white gel pen, COPIC markers
Morgan Eng - 2nd Place
"Lunch Time!" by Morgan Eng

Portfolio Art IV - period 4, Lunch Time! , 8” x 11” , Pen and marker
Julia Plawker - 3rd Place
"Normal is an Illusion" by Julia Plawker

Art IV, Period 4, Uni-Ball Pen
Mark Johnson - Honorable Mention
“The Daily Commute” by Mark Johnson

Art IV
Pen and Marker
Alex Savin- Honorable Mention
“The town that time forgot” by Alex Savin

Period 2
Charcoal, china marker and pen
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