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Charles Addams Student Cartoon Contest 

Celebrating Charles Addams’ success as a Westfield High School alumnus, current Westfield middle and high school students created Addamseque cartoons inspired by a variety of themes, including his 1929 WHS Weathervane yearbook entry, which read, “He much amazed us.” And he still does!


Judges include: 

  • Felipe Galindo, New Yorker Cartoonist

  • Linda Davis, Addams biographer and author of Chas Addams: A Cartoonist’s Life

  • Ricardo Roig, Westfield-based artist and muralist 

  • Ron MacCloskey, Charles Addams historian

The top 25 submissions will be displayed in a joint exhibit with original Charles Addams artwork from October 15-23 at The James Ward Mansion, with an opening reception to be held on October 15.


Charles Addams 1929 Westfield Yearbook Entry

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2019 Charles addams Student Cartoon Contest Winners
2019 Charles addams Student Cartoon Contest Top 25 submissions
2018 Charles addams' Student Cartoon Contest Winners
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