Charles Addams Student Cartoon Contest 

Celebrating Charles Addams’ success as a Westfield High School alumnus, current Westfield middle and high school students created Addamseque cartoons inspired by a variety of themes, including his 1929 WHS Weathervane yearbook entry, which read, “He much amazed us.” And he still does!


Judges include: 

  • Felipe Galindo, New Yorker Cartoonist

  • Linda Davis, Addams biographer and author of Chas Addams: A Cartoonist’s Life

  • Ricardo Roig, Westfield-based artist and muralist 

  • Ron MacCloskey, Charles Addams historian

The top 25 submissions will be displayed in a joint exhibit with original Charles Addams artwork from October 15-23 at The James Ward Mansion, with an opening reception to be held on October 15.

Charles Addams 1929 Westfield Yearbook Entry

2019 Charles addams Student Cartoon Contest Winners
2019 Charles addams Student Cartoon Contest Top 25 submissions
Andrew Cicala - 1st Place
"Wish I could take a selfie."
Sophia Basaldua - 2nd Place
" more popcorn refills? I just got my bucket during the summer."
Emily O'Connell - 3rd Place
"She's always been such a creative little one."
Sophia Basaldua - Honorable Mention
"This is the last time cousin Itt takes the family selfie."
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Abigail Kahn - WHS
"Well, well, well...look what the cat dragged in..."
Matthew Madrigal - WHS
He made friends in science class
Owen Craig - WHS
Welcome to Star Bats!
Juliana Schuttevaer - WHS
"It is getting very dark out, mister. I'm scared." "How do you think I feel? I am the one who has to walk home alone."
Grace Kilbourn - WHS
"Do Not Stick Fingers in Cage!!"
Sofia Korotka - WHS
Grandmama's Meal
Keri Jean - WHS
Girls Scouts
James Silecchia - WHS
"Guess I'm going to have bad luck now."
Allie DiFalco - WHS
The Movies
Sophia Di Sarno  - Edison
"How has your meal been?" "Absolutely disgusting! We loved it!"
Lauren McDonough - WHS
Family Portrait
Emily O'Connell - WHS
"She's always been such a creative little one."
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2018 Charles addams' Student Cartoon Contest Winners
Emily O’Connell - 1st Place
Untitled by Emily O’Connell

Composition, Period 6, ink pens, white gel pen, COPIC markers
Morgan Eng - 2nd Place
"Lunch Time!" by Morgan Eng

Portfolio Art IV - period 4, Lunch Time! , 8” x 11” , Pen and marker
Julia Plawker - 3rd Place
"Normal is an Illusion" by Julia Plawker

Art IV, Period 4, Uni-Ball Pen
Mark Johnson - Honorable Mention
“The Daily Commute” by Mark Johnson

Art IV
Pen and Marker
Alex Savin- Honorable Mention
“The town that time forgot” by Alex Savin

Period 2
Charcoal, china marker and pen
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    Emily O'Connell - WHS

    "She's always been such a creative little one."