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mystical mindowaskin

OCTOBER 16 - 31


Mindowaskin Park

Westfield, nj

One of Westfield’s most picturesque destinations will be the site of a family-friendly, self-guided stroll that will evolve throughout October and include features such as the Painted Pumpkin Path, showcasing works of art presented by the Westfield Public Arts Commission; Quest for the Halloween Fairy Doors, a hunt to locate these hidden portals on various trees; an Enchanted Forest; the return of the Addams Family House on Mindowaskin Pond; and a variety of innovative photo stops along the way.


The Painted Pumpkin Path in Mystical Mindowaskin will showcase local talent as Westfield celebrates native son Charles Addams' connection to the arts community and the Town’s 300th anniversary.


These beautiful creations were chosen from the submissions of local artists by the Westfield Public Arts Commission and  are displayed as an art installation in Mindowaskin Park. The theme for the pumpkins is "Westfield State of Mind," inviting artists to share their vision of Westfield’s history on everyone’s favorite Halloween decoration. Whether it’s representative of the Town’s colonial origins, a more recent moment in time, or even a depiction of life in 2020, the purpose is for artists to convey what they see in their community.

NOTE: Due to the 2020-level intense squirrel feasting aggression, we moved these beauties from Mindowaskin to an indoor display for safe keeping. They can be viewed in the window of 233 East Broad (formerly Victoria’s Secret) for the community to enjoy alongside the Wicked Windows.

Mystical Mindowaskin

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Don't miss the Addams Family House on Mindowaskin Pond. Playing off a beloved Westfield tradition, this Halloween house is a nod to the replica of the Presbyterian Church that signals the holiday season in December. Special thanks to Nick Mansilla of SignMax for his gorgeous craftsmanship, AR Workshop for their signage, and local realtor Erin Ben-Hayon for her sponsorship.

Addams Family House on Mindowaskin sponsored by

Erin Ben-Hayon Realtor


the ENCHANTED FOREST AND quest for the halloween fairy doors

This self-guided stroll will keep young Wednesdays and Pugsleys entertained as they go on this mystical search. Halloween Fairies have been busy building their homes throughout Mindowaskin Park – can you find them? Our youngest AddamsFest revelers will love this adventure to locate the fairy doors encircling the bandstand area of the park, as well as the Enchanted Forest surprises in the playground area.

How many should you look for? These seasonal creatures are unpredictable, so we can’t tell you, but let everyone know what you found by tagging us with your discoveries on Instagram with #mystical_mindowaskin. Open from October 16-31, don’t miss this new addition to our favorite month of festivities!

Enchanted Forstest sponsored by the Westfield Education Association


Quest for the Halloween Fairy Doors sponsored by Oceans Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

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